Saturday, 28 June 2014

Revolution Coffee - Media Circle (Portsdown road)

Revolution Coffee - Media Circle


Located in a slightly remote part of Singapore, this restaurant can be easily found if you are able to spot Infinite Studios building. The place is also near where Temasek Club is located. I came here during the weekend, it is specially quiet and is nice to chill out. 

Drink/Dessert Menu

Main dishes and sides

Display at the counter

The number of seats available

Banana Bread ($4.50) - A big and thick slice of banana bread served together with yogurt. Chunks of banana slice could be seen within the bread. The banana bread is soft and moist, you will be able to taste the banana bits in it. The yogurt is abit sour. Dip into the yogurt help to balance the taste of the bread. 

Coffee Affogato ($6.00) - I find this abit more acidic, however, it is still a nice combination. A cup of single shot espresso pour onto the vanilla ice cream and biscuit crunch. Try 2 ways of drinking this mixture, after pouring the coffee, try taking the 1st slip, then the 2nd slip once the ice cream had melted/ melted halfway. The taste is different.

Aftermath of the fight between hot and cold mixture

Combination of coffee and ice cream really give out a nice refreshing taste and aromatic smell of the coffee. 

Grilled chicken satay sandwiches ($9.50) - Totally local style sandwich. Chicken washed over by the satay sauce. Simply wonderful. The satay sauce is abit spicy and strong taste of peanuts. Generous serving of grilled chicken too, the chicken meats are marinated before the grilling and is very tasty. 

Thick slices of chicken meat 

Smoked Salmon Bagel ($7.50) - Bagel is soft and moist. A layer of cheese is apply on the slice before placing the smoked salmon, cucumbers, tomatoes and garden salad. Smoked salmon is fresh and quite generous too. Although taste abit salty, but with the bagel, it totally wiped off the saltiness. Salad is fresh too.  

Verdict: 4/5
Price: $15 per pax

The food served are really nice and delicious. I like the smoked salmon bagel especially. The thing about here is the vicinity, quite and out of town feeling. I like this type of chill out places quite alot, it help to make me relax. The crowd is also not overwhelming unlike other places which you need to fight for seats and food. Here, it just let time pass slowly with you having the privileges to take your time slowly. 

 Pricing of the food is reasonable, as for the comfort, i think it have more rooms for improvement. Most of the seats are hard wooden chairs which hurts after siting for too long. Try to find the sofa seats if it is available. 

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