Monday, 2 June 2014

Cine Cafe - Shaw house

Cine Cafe

Located at the same level as shaw theater, this little cafe offer wide range of western cuisine and local cuisine. They have daily special which mostly are local cuisine at a affordable price. Best place to have your meal while waiting or after your movie enjoyment. 

Caesar Salad ($9.50) - Not bad thou, salad is lightly flavoured with mayonnaise, topped with an egg, bacon bits and bread crumbs. Simply the best choice for starter. The vegetables are fresh and crunchy.   

Teriyaki chicken Burger - Grilled marinated chicken with teriyaki sauce

Cine Burger - Beef patty topped with cheese and mushroom, together with bacon strips, the burger is really delicious. The beef patty is cooked at medium well, so it is not hard but the meat is juicy and tender.  

Verdict: 3.5 / 5

The food here are cheap and very reasonable consider the price that come with it. Definitely worth it. Food is big and i especially like the burger, big and round!! haha. Meat are not overly cooked. It is a place to drop by for a meal especially when you are out for a movie at the same place.

Counter staffs are friendly, and the waiting time for the food is acceptable.   

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