Friday, 20 June 2014

Supply & Demand - Orchard Gateway

Supply & Demand - Branch outlet

I visited this new branch at the newly opened orchard gateway at sommerset. The 1st shop was opened (Esplanade Mall). Nice ambiance as you can see. Great to chill out with your friends and the price is quite ok. Do remember to make reservation as the crowd is quite overwhelming during peak hours.

Table setting - pot of plant 

Consist on indoor and so call out door seating, i will recommend to take the indoor seating as it will be easier to catch the staff's attention

Current promo - 50% off 2nd main dish

Aglio olio with prawn - abit salty and abit spicy, prawns are big and fresh. generous amount of garlic slices can be found too

The Morning After Pizza - Nice to look at pizza, toppings are little and the pizza get soft if you do not eat it fast. Topping include mushrooms, bacon and tomato paste. Thin and hard crust.

Verdict: 3.5/ 5

Actually this place is over-rated. I acknowledge that the ambiance is great for chilling out with your friends or love ones but the food just taste normal. The food presentation is nice and mouth drooling but there is no hype on the taste. The pizza look like just any other handmade pizza which you can find from other cafes or stalls and the toppings on the pizza is pathetic - few pieces of mushrooms and countable pieces of bacon is enough to make me turn away from coming here again.

Worse still, the spaghetti served was under-cooked. The staff that was attending to me is courteous and help me bring back to the kitchen with my feedback. However, i believe the spaghetti was recooked and served to me again, but this time it is soaked with gravy!! Really bad service from the kitchen. What make matter worse, when i called for bill, the staffs actually cleared all my plates (which is a good thing) and my drinks!! Ok, i wonder how is the service at the other brunch. The drinks should only be cleared after the customers left the table. It make me feel that i should just leave immediately to cater the space for the next customer.

In addition, the reservation system is bad. The counter staffs do not have a proper reservation system and really mess it all up when customers arrived. 

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