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Uncle Leong Seafood (Punggol) - Review

Uncle Leong Seafood

Situated at the end of Punggol, this restaurant is beside Hai Bin Prawning and near the new golf course. Other eateries like Popeyes, Japanese, Italian restaurants and Bars are located nearby too. 

Waiting time is long if you do not have a reservation. Other than waiting time, the service is slow but you can see empty tables in the restaurant.

Crabs in the glass for display, but not for selections.....

Seafood Fried Rice - Surprising good, just when you expect that the fried rice is oily and not much ingredients, this dish proved otherwise. Fried rice is not oily but tasty and fragrant. Seafood comprises of prawns, sliced fish and squids. Overall quite good for fried rice. 

Chinese Spinach with Eggs (三黄苋菜) -  Spinach cook with 3 variety of eggs, Salted egg, normal chicken egg and preserved eggs. The sauce is abit starchy but the combination of eggs and spinach are acceptable and not overwhelming. 

Thai Style Chicken (泰式鸡) - Normal fried chicken with Thai sauce. The sauce is not very spicy and abit sweet. Not a "Wow" dish to be.

Spring Onion & Ginger Deer Meat (姜葱鹿肉) - Tasty and tender deer meat. The meat is cooked at the right time and the amount of heat used is just nice too. A must order dish

Claypot Crab Bee Hoon Soup (砂煲螃蟹米粉汤) - Recommended dish!!!! Must try. The soup is very tasty and you can savour the taste of the crab fully. The broth must be cooked with alot of crabs in order to achieve this strong crab flavour. The bee hoon are not over cooked. The crabs are big and meaty. You can taste the freshness from the crab meat. Refill of Bee Hoon and soup @ additional $8. It is best to refill when you finish the 1st round.

Salted Egg Crab (咸蛋螃蟹) - Yummy dish, salted egg sauce and topping. A must try dish. The crabs are fresh too. But it sauce is more on the creamy side instead of more salted egg flavour.

Deep fried Bun - To dip and eat with the salted crab

Salted Egg Brinjal (咸蛋茄子) - Wow!!! I am surprise when i took a bite on the brinjal/eggplant. Totally unable to taste the brinjal at all. The salted egg flavour is overwhelming. A certain must have dish for salted egg fans. 

Deep Fried Beancurd (脆皮豆腐) - Soft on the inside, crispy on the outside of the beancurd. Come with honey to dip with.

Sweet Yam paste - Nice and sweet, comes with Ginkgo nuts

Verdict: 3 / 5

Overall, I feel that the dishes taste ok. Crabs dishes do not give me a "WOW" feeling. Actually i felt disappointed after eating. I think there are better restaurants. Crabs are served with one male and female for each crab dish.

Service is slow, i do not understand why there is a queue when there are available tables in the restaurant. Other that that, it is hard to catch waiter's attention unless you are sitting near the counter. However, food are served fast.

Price per pax: $35++ (Based on 10 pax)

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