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Restoran De Costa's Portuguese Seafood (Malacca)

Restoran De Costa's Portuguese Seafood (Malacca)

If you happen to visit Malacca, Malaysia, do come here and try their Portuguese food. You will be awe by the food that are served here and the price is cheap too. They are located by the port (un-use now), it is quite breezy and cooling. Enjoy a few bottles of beer too, sit back and relax.... It is easy to come here by cab, but i suggest to have a cab for pick up after the meal as it will be hard to get a cab during late hour. 

Outside view


Seafood available for selection - Mussels ,fishes and Crabs

Fried Calamari - Not impressive by this dish. The calamari is chewy but i do not have the urge to want to have more of it. 

Sambal Kangkong - Fresh and spicy. Sliced fishcake and squid are added in too. Serving is big, enough for more than 4 pax.

Stir fried Baby Kai Lan - Sliced fish cake, carrots and baby Kai Lan stir fry together


Salted Egg Crabs - This is really a must try dish. Very tasty with the salted egg flavour. Crab is fresh and the meat is juicy and sweet. Certainly must order. The different between this salted egg crab compare to Singapore version is that the one here is dry version of salted egg while the other is more towards more "wet" kind, more sauce

Portuguese Curry Chicken - A Must try Local dish! Spicy and nice to have it on your rice. The curry is saturated, spicy and sweet. I really like the taste of the curry and the chicken is tender too. Strongly recommended. 

Sambal Clams (Big Head clams) - Juicy and sweet. The meat is a bit small compare to the shell.

Verdict: 4 / 5

I give it a rating 4 because of the food that is nice and consider the cheap price. I think it really worth 4the rating. Environment is clean and windy, the only negative point is most of the tables are situated in the open space, so if it rain, there goes your food. Service is quick and prompt, i have no complaint.

Price per pax: RM 50++ (Based on 4 pax)

  • Taste(4)
  • Environment(3)
  • Service(4)
  • Clean(4)

  • Price(4)

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