Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Secret Recipe Review

Secret Recipe

A known restaurant that offer great variety and quality food at affordable prices. 

Mushroom Soup

Cesar salad 

Vegetable Rolls

Braised Beef - Beef is braised till soft and tender. Black pepper sauce is pour over the meat to enhance the taste. 

Lamb Shank - A must try dish. But the mashed potatoes is a disappointment


Chicken Parmigiana - Fried chicken with Cheese and tomato sauce on the top, comes with potatoes and salad

Chicken Cornish - Basically it is a chicken puff, ingredients include chicken meat, potato cubes and mince meat. Tomato base sauce which make the Cornish taste great


Chocolate Banana - Extremely addictive. Loads of banana slices on a bed of chocolate cream with chocolate cake.

Red Velvet - Cheesy and soft sponge cake

Verdict: 3 / 5

Not bad overall, should try on their cakes if you have a big stomach

Price per pax: $40++

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