Thursday, 4 July 2013

Saboten - Japanese pork cutlet/Katsu (recommended)


Saboten is a Japanese restaurant chain well known for their Tonkatsu (fried breaded pork loin cutlet). Each ingredient is carefully selected to create the perfect tonkatsu. At Saboten, only use premium pork lightly coated with our house-made bread crumbs to ensure the juice of the cutlets is preserved. Their tonkastu is accompanied with special sauce made of onions, carrots, tomatoes, apples and over 10 different spices to bring out the best flavour.

Set meal came with free refill of Rice, Miso Soup and Cabbage. The meal start off with the cabbage. The fresh shredded cabbage are served cold. You have the choice to choose either the Yuzu (Citrus) Vinegar or Creamy Sesame or both sauces to mix with your shredded cabbage. It is so addictive that we requested for more refills! Personally, I prefer the Creamy Sesame! There are 'tools' for grinding the sesame seeds - bowl and wooden stick. After the you are done with the grinding, scoop the tonkatsu sauce from the earthen urn into the bowl with grated sesame seeds. Mix well and dipping sauce for your Pork Loin and Pork Tenderloin is ready! 

The loin/tenderloin (fried breaded pork loin/tenderloin cutlet) is one of Saboten's signature item. It is very delicious. The pork loin/tenderloin cutlet coated with crisp golden bread crumbs was tender, soft and slightly moist. It is different from other Japanese katsu as this coating is more fine and less oily. The fat to lean meat ratio gave it a melt to mouth sensation. It is recommended to choose tenderloin if you prefer more fat ration. 

Oyster set - Seasonal period (Nov)

They have other varieties of dishes to choose from if you are not a meat lover. Seafood are available too plus you can mix and match the dishes.

The meal end off with a scoop of Matcha (green tea) Ice Cream. Milky with a mild sweet yet bitter green tea taste. 



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I will definitely recommend to all for trying.

Cost: around $25 - $50

Other outlets:
Saboten (Changi Airport T1)
80 Airport Boulevard
#031-004 Changi Airport Terminal 1
Tel: 6214 9504
Opening Hours: 8am to 1030pm

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