Sunday, 28 July 2013

Nam Moon Korean BBQ

Nam Moon Korean BBQ located along the shop houses at  Taman Pelangi, is a good place for yummy Korean style meal at affordable prices. The restaurant is spacious and comfortable with several smokeless BBQ grills. 

The shop is air conditioned with 2 big screen TV showing latest Korean shows.

The side dishes or banchan in Korean are neatly and beautifully presented in traditional Korean style. What more, you can ask for replenishment for the side dishes, but at limited quantity. Sides dishes consist: Kimchi, potato salad, beansprout, pumpkin paste etc. The number of sides given depend on the number of people eating at the table. 

There are several BBQ sets that you can ordered. This set we order consist of beef, bacon and pork chunks. The grilling will be done by the staff unless you specially instruct them that we wish to do the grilling yourself. 

The meats are fresh and juicy. It is supposed to eat with cabbages provided. Bean paste and sesame oil are provided, you can dip into either sauce for extra taste.

The kimchi soup came with a claypot and it was bubbling furiously with hot steam. There is a variety of different fresh ingredients. The hot broth tasted all flavours, sweet, sour, salty and spicy. All the flavours were nicely blended together and not overwhelming.

The Tom Yum soup also came in the same state. The spicy and sour taste are really great. Plus the large variety of ingredients, this soup dish is really a must try.

Ginseng Chicken soup with glutinous rice. The broth taste of both chicken and ginseng, each compliment each other well. Plus the chicken meat is substantial for 4 persons. The amount of glutinous rice is just nice, not overwhelming and chunky. The rice totally absorb the ginseng chicken broth, very tasty.   

Stri fried pan cake is really really awesome. The pancake is crispy and soft at the same time, not overwhelming oily. This simple dish mainly consist of carrots and vegetables, no meat involve. Dipped with the chili sauce that come with it, simply wonderful. A must try dish.

Korean glass noodle or chopchae/japchae(잡채). It is very tasty dish with subtle sweetness, chewy and pleasant texture. The whole dish consist of mainly vegetables and mushroom, hence it is a very health food plus the dish is not oily too.

This is the Soju,  Hangul 소주, that we ordered. It is consumed neat and the alcohol content is more than 5%. It taste good when you are eating korean BBQ. Try it if you drop by for meal.

End of the meal, each customers will be offered complimentary chilled traditional Korean ginger tea 생강차. Made from ginger preserved in honey, the ginger tea was very sweet and slightly spicy hot. It tasted good.


Latest visit on 10 Feb 2014


Restaurant name: Nam Moon Korean BBQ
Address: 31, Jalan Perang, Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.481564,103.773757
Hours: 11:00am to 11:00pm
Non Halal

Verdict: 5/5

  • Taste(5)
  • Environment(5)
  • Service(5)
  • Clean(4)

  • Price(5)

Will always come here if passby, cheap and good. It is better than the counterparts at Pelangi. Trust me on this!!!

Cost per person: around $50 RM

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