Thursday, 6 August 2015

Regoli Pasticceria (Pastry) - Rome

Regoli Pasticceria is a reputable old pastry shop which sells a range of delectable pastry and cakes at affordable prices. You do not have to pay a bomb to enjoy these quality sweet treats. We were absolutely spoiled of choices as we stepped in and look at the shelves of pastry and cakes. It is a one stop place where you can find all the traditional Italian's pastry.

Right beside Regoli Pasticceria is Regoli Gelateria caffe which sells a wide range of freshly churned gelato with indoor seats within it.

Take away pastry wrapped very nicely like a present parcel.

Cornetto, Chocloate Eclair and Pistachio Puff
Cornetto- Cornetto is a common pastry in Rome. Regoli's cornetto is huge with thick pastry crust. The custard fillings were very generous, thick and firm as well

Pistachio Cream Puff - Pistachio cream was thick and fragrant. Portion of puff and cream was just nice, but i find it too sweet to finish off the sugar icing on top. 

Chocolate Eclair - Another pastry which melts our heart. The fillings taste like dark chocolate, not too sweet and not diluted at all. 

Bavaresi 2.50 euro- This is another Italian dessert with thick custard alike light cream sandwiched with 2 piece of pastry crusty base and thick sugar icing on top. It melt right away in the mouth due to its icy texture. 

Verdict: 4/5

We visited this shop 2 times and both times did not disappoint us at all. All the pastries are reasonably priced at around 2.50 Euro, and they certainly worth its value for its given quality and quantity. Regoli is about 15 mins walking distant from the Colosseum and 10 mins walk from the nearest metro station. Other than the Colosseum, Regoli is another thing i remember for Rome!

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