Thursday, 6 August 2015

Nerbone Due Sas - Florence

Mercato Centrale Market is a 3 level food market which sells fresh poultry, dry food, and ready to eat food as well. The food court is located at the 3rd level and it is very popular dining place for both the tourist. A wide variety of Italian cuisine can found at this food court.

Nerbone is located at level 2 of the building where all the dry food are sold here. It is tucked in a corner and thus it is not easy to find. Look up for the big green signboard to find your way to Nerbone. When you see the crowds, you are at the right place.

Reparto (Cow's stomach) - Hard crust bun sandwiched with a generous serving of meat and spicy salsa sauce. The sauce is quite spicy yet refreshing and combines very well with the well marinated cow's stomach meat and bun. Serving size is just nice for 1 person.

Do come early to avoid disappointment as they close after lunch hours which is around 2pm.


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