Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Gossip 港是讲啡 - Serangoon

Gossip 港是讲啡 - Serangoon

Craving for Hongkong style Cha Chan Ting? Well, now you don't need to travel all the way to Hong Kong. Introducing Gossip cafe, 港是讲啡, located at Serangoon garden. This cafe sells food that you can find in a Hongkong cafe. From instant noodle to fried rice to western food. All you can find can be found.

Curry Fishball ($6.50) - Similar curry fishballs but different colour. The balls here are more towards orange than yellow but it really have that curry taste if you ever eat before along the streets of Hongkong. I guess this is really close to the original recipe. 

Pork Chop with rice ($6.80) - Large piece of pork chop in mushroom sauce serve with rice and egg. Pretty normal presentation and taste. 

Cheese Fries ($5.80) - Yum Yum, cheese and mayonnaise combination with fries are really tasty 

Hk Cart Tom Yum Noodles ($6.80) - Well, does this bring some of the memories back if you ever eaten noodles in Hong kong before? This is something similar to that, a piece of ham with sausages and egg over the instant noodle. Noodles are very springy while the tom yum taste is strong. Pretty much close to the original.

Tom Yum Noodles ($6.80) - You can to choose your sides. Selections include pork chop, chicken chop or luncheon meats.

Luncheon meat

Chicken chop

Pork chop

Verdict: 3/5
Price: $14 per pax

Address: 87 Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555983
Opening Hours: 12pm till 2am
Tel: 62854319

Well, i guess this is considered normal pricing. The concept is similar to the already long standing cafes like Xin Wang. Hence, not much of an excitement or surprise you can find here. Food taste normal, maybe for another chill out place or lunch time get together option for you to choose.

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