Wednesday, 16 July 2014

No Signboard Seafood

No Signboard Seafood 

Most of the local will know about this restaurant which sell local chinese cuisine especially seafood like crabs and they are well known for this dish. Short blog on this outlet. I finally get to try this outlet at vivo city instead of the one at gelyang. Once you step into the restaurant, the decoration really makes one think about a palace as they have chandeliers hanging and golden wall colour. With black tables and chairs, the concept really combine east and west culture together, giving one refreshing feel.   

Crispy Baby squid ($20) - Deep fry squids till its hard and crispy which then thick sweet sauce is then pour over it. Authentic chinese cuisine 


Prawn Yam Ring ($38) - Crispy yam ring filled with ingredients such as mushrooms, vegetables and big prawns. The yam ring is not very oily and not very sweet, everything are just moderate.  

Steamed seabass Hongkong style ($50) - Seabass steamed in light soy sauce, fresh and easy to eat. 

Sambal Kangkong ($15) - crunchy and spicy, really shiok 

Sweet and Sour pork ($30) - As the name suggested, sweet and sour but more on the sweet than the sour part. The tomato sweetness is strong enough to cover the sourness, but overall still not too bad as this dish is very appetizing 

Cereal prawn ($48) - Very fragrant, you can smell the stir fry cereal. The prawns are crispy and the cereal bring out the sweetness of the prawns. Simply wonderful.  

White pepper crab - Signature must try dish. Very peppery and HOT!! Spring onions bring out the peppery fragrant and freshness. The white pepper goes well with the crabs. Recommended for spicy eaters.

Signature Chili Crab - A local seafood dish, the crab is fresh, chili is not too spicy. The sauce is make with egg too, i will recommend to order the bun to go with the sauce too. It is very addictive and can go with your rice too.

One word - Fresh

Address: #03-02 1 Harbourfront Walk, Singapore
Contact: 6376 9959

Verdict: 4 / 5

Tasty and delicious food, but price is slightly steep

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