Sunday, 28 June 2015

Luxelthe Hotel - 1 star Hotel

Within 5 mins walk from Pigalle train station, this one star hotel is easily accessible by foot on a slope. Check in timing is 2pm, anytime earlier is not possible, however, the receptionist is kind enough to let us deposit our luggage while we explore Paris.

Luxelthe Hotel are 4 storey high, the worst thing that could happen to you if you have a huge and heavy luggage as this hotel does not have a lift. You will need to climb long and narrow staircase to go up to your room. Well, its one star hotel, what can you expect??    

Our room at located at level 3, imagine the load that I had to carry!!! The room is plain and tidy, not much expectation.

Basic amenities like table, mirror, safe deposit, hair dryer are available EXCEPT Air conditional!!
It can be very hot if you stay during summer season. Hence, I am forced to open my window to allow ventilation and it tends to get noisy at night.   Wifi usually is not available, you will need to ask for the password or whether if wifi is available today   

Towels are available, but I strongly suggest to bring your own towel to use instead. Hygiene purpose! 

The shower area is very small, i think this is a norm for cheaper hotel in Europe.


Overall Review: 2/5

I wont be staying here again, very bad service and I do not feel comfortable staying here as the room is very warm during the night and hard to sleep. In addition, there are no lift which mean I have to climb up the stairs daily or with my luggage.

I paid total SGD $120 per night via  

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  1. wow i like it . looking nice thanks for shearing. is there any hotel management who carry your weight on 3rd floor.
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