Saturday, 20 June 2015

Europe 14 days Free & Easy Itinerary (Paris -> Zurich -> Venice -> Florence -> Rome)

Hi Guys, was busy preparing my wedding and honeymoon, thus, did not have the time to update my blog. I would like to share with you our Europe honeymoon trip from Paris to Zurich then finally to Italy. You can refer to my itinerary below. I have chose to do free & easy instead of taking a tour. Some of you might have heard stories about their Europe trips or from people retelling their friend's "exciting & dangerous" stories. So why free & easy?

Here are a list which I find it advantageous:

  • You get to see more stuffs - scenery, buildings, people
  • More interaction with the locals
  • A chance to visit the local's neighbourhood
  • Time is at your favour - you can choose to plan and do what you like
  • More transportation choices - Railway, Train, Public Bus  

A rough draft on the 14 days Free & Easy Europe Itinerary. Details will be shared later.


  1. I could not even imagine I could have survived until the 2nd b-day! :-) Well this means it's a real passion! :-) I'm glad to hear you love the guide! :-

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