Friday, 3 October 2014

You Peng Fresh Mian Jiao Zi Guan (Woodlands) (CLOSED)

 You Peng Noodle Dumpling House (CLOSED)

I visited this outlet at woodlands Blk 325 coffeeshop for dinner, knowing that they have another outlet at Beauty world which serve delicious food. Upon reaching, there are only 3-4 staffs in this stall, mostly making dough or wrapping the dumpling. All the dumplings are handmade which quite impress me as i seldom see coffeeshop food which are handmade from scratch.

Most of the food that they sell are what we can find in chinese restaurant, example are Xiao Long Bao, Guo Tie (Fried dumpling) etc. The price are quite reasonable which are less than $10. 

Xiao Long Bao ($7) - 10 exquisite Handmade Xiao Long Bao for only $7!! This is a real bargain! The dumplings are skillfully made which show how experience the chef are. Flour thickness is just right as the dumpling skin do not get tear when you pick up with your chopsticks. 

The juice immediately splashed out when you took a bite at the dumpling. It is overflowing with juice of the meat. The meat is tasty and well marinated. Obviously the dumplings are made fresh. Generously amount of meat wrapped in the dumpling. Really love it!!!

Look!! The juice is still flowing out to my spoon after taking a bite.

Zha Jiang Mian (Special Sauce noodle) $3.80 - Mixture of minced meat and mushroom sauce pour over a bowl of Handmade noodle. This is the Zha Jiang Mian (Special sauce noodle). The sauce itself already contain lots of minced meat and mushrooms. The taste is a bit salty but at the same time tasty. As the noodle is plain in taste, by mixing the whole dish together help to even out the saltiness and you get to taste the meat and mushroom. Texture of the noodle is soft, easy to chew and swallow. Sliced cucumber are added in to increase the crunchines.

Mix the whole dish evenly. 

Guo Tie (Fried Dumpling) $6 - Only one side of the dumpling are fried crispy, the dumplings are huge in size, quite alot of filling. The skin is abit oily due to the frying but it is crispy as well. Dipped with vinegar which goes well with it

Surprisingly, the fried dumpling is juicy as well. This is my first time eating such fried dumpling which is moist inside. The one which I mostly eaten are dry and deep fried. But this is different. The fried dumpling filling is the same as the Xiao Long Bao and the skin of the dumpling are just right, crispy and at the same time chewy.

Around $18 both 2 pax for dinner, i think it is worth it. I actually wanted to order sour & spicy soup but they are sold out....

144, Upper Bukit Timah Road, Beauty World Centre #04-23
Blk 325 Woodland Street 32 #01-131

Opening Hours:
10am – 9pm daily

Contact: 81164859 | 92391598

Verdict: 4/5

Price: Less than $15

The food is freshly made and delicious. The quantity is a real bargain. I will certainly recommend this stall to all of you to try.

I like both the fried dumpling and Xiao Long bao. Both are juicy and the filling are tasty. Try putting the whole piece in your mouth and experience the exploding of juice in you mouth.

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