Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Sydney Fish Market - Pyrmont

What do you expect at the Sydney Fish Market (SFM)? Well, both the locals and tourist flock in to this place for their fresh seafood by the bay everyday. Besides the seafood market, cafe, bakery and wine shops are available at the SFM too.   

Outdoor dining area with a chillax environment by the bay under cooling spring weather. Beware of the seagulls flying above, your food may end up with them.

All the freshest seafood could be found here. The source of the seafood in this market comes from Australia as well as other countries. Choose to eat it raw or cooked. These seafood are so fresh that I would recommend to eat it raw directly. Oysters are sold at different prices for different grades, It can go as cheap as $3 for a dozen till $15+ for the same dozen. The better grades are those with smaller shell size. Seems to have a better taste compare to those bigger ones.

Bakery Shop

It is wiser to compare the prices at different stalls as there are several shops in the fish market selling similar items. Purchase these fresh seafood and they will cook it for you.

Scampi! One of the best find at this place. It is a kind of variation of lobster or prawn with a smooth and slimy texture. Absolutely fresh and tasty on its own, a highly recommended item to try when you are here. 

Wide range of sashimi from Nicholas Seafood. Definitely spoiled of choices. We tried the scallop sashimi from here and it was absolutely sweet and fresh even without sprinkling lemon to go with it.

To complete your experience at the SFM, you may pre-book for a tour to witness the live auction happening in the early morning. The tour is available on certain days at a cost of $30. For more details do visit their website. 

Address: Bank Street, Pyrmont, NSW 2009, Australia ( Light Rail: Fish Market Station)
Opening Hours: 7am-4pm daily except Christmas Day

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