Saturday, 16 November 2013

Turkish Cuisine (Suntec) - Singapore

Turkish Cuisine (Suntec) 

Located at level 3,  this small shop serves authentic Turkish fare like Cacik , kebabs and Kunefe. Outdoor seating is available too. Both the chef and the owner are Turkish, hence the food must be authentic Turkish food. 

Homemade Lemonade - Mint leave in this homemade juice make it wonderful to drink

I forgot what this spring roll's name, but this is very nice. The roll is wrapped with cheese and some herbs, making the spring roll crispy and cheesy. Definitely a must try dish.

Chicken Pida - Tender chicken pieces with mozzarella cheese baked in thin dough. The dough is crispy and chewy while eating it hot. Overall texture taste like pizza

Kunefe - Forget about the baklava which the shop also serve, it pales in comparison. This Kunefe is recommended by the waiter himself too. Its absolutely delicious. Its crispy flakey pastry, served with milk, honey and pistachios. There is a thin layer of cheese in the pastry. Simply feel like heaven!!! MUST TRY

 Tel : +65 6336 8082

Verdict: 4 / 5

Food is good, waiter service is attentive and excellent. Must try their other dishes too. I will recommend this turkish cuisine to everyone. Price is a bit expensive, but who cares if they serve good food right?

Price per pax: $25++

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