Friday, 11 October 2013

Kimchi BBQ @ Pelangi - Korean Restaurant Review

Kimchi BBQ - Korean Restaurant

Located at Pelangi, this Korean BBQ offer extensive Korean delicacies that you can taste without going to Korea. 3 stories high, there are ample seats and tables available.

1st floor - The long tube thingy hanging are fume vacuum, as the place is air-conditional, the vacuum help to prevent chocking while you are enjoying your food. 

You can entertain yourself with KTV system.

Side dishes - preserved ikan bilis, braised peanuts, spicy egg plant, sliced cucumber, spicy kueh

Side dish - Braised mushroom, Kimchi, Broccoli, spinach, guava   

Flask and cups for Green tea

Fried pancke - Must order dish, the pancake is crispy and light. Suitable for all to eat. Ingredients include prawns, carrots, onions etc.

Korean Salad

BBQ meat

BBQ Cow tongue - Must try dish if you dare to eat. Meat is tender and juicy. It is a part of the cow that is simply wonderful if you dare to eat.

BBQ Special Pork Belly 

Ginseng Chicken soup - Herbal taste ginseng cooked with chicken and glutinous rice. The broth is thick with chicken essence and the glutinous rice make this soup simply wonderful 

Grilled Saba fish  - Meat is crispy on the outside, juicy in the inside. A jest of lemon help to make the grilled fish more tasty and fragrant. 

Spicy Cake Rice - Beware of the spiciness, i cannot take it. Rate out of 5 in term of spiciness, i give it 4. Really very spicy, but the rice cake really taste great.  

Spicy Pork  - Consist of Pork, sliced fish cake, cabbage

Tom Yum soup - Very spicy, ingredients consist of beancurd, glass noodle, cabbages, sliced fish and clams. Really a must order dish.

Verdict: 3.5 /5

Price is not bad, food taste good, the only bad point is the service of the staffs. Although the staffs are courteous, but there are times the staffs are not attentive, trying to avoid eye contact with customers. What worse, when orders for food are given to the staff, none came back fulfill. Asking for refill of side dishes not done after several attempts, asking for water also not fulfill after a few attempts.

  • Taste(4)
  • Environment(4)
  • Service(2)
  • Clean(4)

  • Price(4)

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