Thursday, 3 October 2013

Canton-i 香港粥面家

Canton-i (香港粥面家)

Canton-I serve authentic Hong Kong cuisine with a wide selection of food such as handmade dim sum, congee and roasted duck. There are no outlet in Singapore, but you are recommended to go to the nearest outlet at City Square Johor Baru to try their food.

See how pack it was during weekend

Wonton Mee - Full pack wonton with a few prawns and mince pork. Fantastic taste. The noodle is very springy and chewly. Broth tasty, you will not feel disappointed on this dish.

Pig intestine Congee - The pig intestines are fried till crispy and are to pour over the congee. You can choose to have the fried intestine eaten crunchy or soft after mixing. Congee have a mixture of other ingredients such as pork and slice fish, making this dish a whole lot of variety in a bowl.

Fishball Noodles - Fishballs are big, bouncy and chewy. Broth is the same soup base as the wonton mee. 

Salmon Skin - Fresh, crispy and serve warm salmon skin being served, not like other F&B outlets which serve cold salmon skin. This dish taste great and the skin are not oily.

From Top to bottom: Wu Hua Rou (five flower/pattern pork), Char Siew, Sliced Tou fu. 
This is a combination dish, you can select a variety of other selections such as duck meat. The pork meat is tender and juicy. Char Siew are barbecued using their own special sauce, making the meat tastier and unique. There is a bit of burnt taste, that the unique point!! Tou fu was sliced thinly but firm. The toufu simply melt in your mouth, you dont have to chew at all. A must try dish. 

Roasted Duck - Crispy skin, tender duck meat with special sauce. Must try dish.

Fried carrot cake - A different cooking method from what we usually eat in Singapore. The carrot cake looked like it was deep fried before stir frying with other ingredients such as prawns, egg and beansprouts. It taste delicious and fragrant. 

Steam Fish Maw with egg yolk - Ok dish only. Order this just to try the taste. Not bad

Custard cake - Eat this while hot, it  does not taste nice when the dish become cold. Multi-layer of custard and cake slices stack together to form this cake. You can taste different flavours in just one bite. 

Egg Yolk Custard Bun (奶黄流沙包) - I am telling you, do not visit this eatery without ordering this bun. You will freaking regret it for life. Seriously, this bun is wonderfully delicious. The egg yolk custard filling is not watery, it is semi solid!!!!! WOAH! The taste is just nice, not overly salty. The filling do not stick to the bun itself, they belong to different entity but is a great combination. Die Die must eat dish.

Lemon Grass Drink - Cooling and special in its own way. The straw like thing is actually lemon grass. 

HongKong Milk Tea - Smooth texture, really one of its kind which you can find in hongkong

Lemon Barley Drink - Taste not bad, you can try it

 Verdict : 4.5 /5

  • Taste(4)
  • Environment(4)
  • Service(4)
  • Clean(5)

  • Price(4)

Food taste delicious, staff service is quite good. The only downside is the queue is too long.
Price is cheap around RM40

Definitely worth trying

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