Tuesday, 3 January 2017

1st time Key collections and traditional door opening ritual for HDB

Congratulations to you!! Finally gotten your keys collection from HDB.
Few things to take note for this collection:

1) Remember to bring your letter and NRIC
2) There will be a few payments (up to 3 payments) to be made at HDB

Fire insurance (HDB Lvl 1, counter 1-2) 
Maintenance Fee  (Level 3)
Water & Electricity activation (Level 2) 

You will need to pay for the insurance and maintenance fee first before you can collect the keys

3) Lastly, smile and take a photo once you collected your keys!!


This is our version for traditional door opening ritual.

Before you open the door, knock on the door 3 times and say auspicious words like:


Once you open the door, roll the pineapple and say : HUAT AR!!!! 
before stepping in the house

You can roll the pineapple as many times as you like in your house, etc in the bedroom, kitchen...

Open your windows to allow ventilation, it will be quite hot. Bring a big door stopper if you do not have tiles 

Things to prepare:

1 box of Tea leaves (Tie Kuan Ying) 
1 pack of salt
1 box of green beans
1 packet of uncooked glutinous rice/ rice
A empty container
A small box filled with cotton wool 
15 oranges
1 pineapple
1 Huat Kuey (Only Orange/ Brown/ Yellow colour are allowed)

What to do:

Mix some of the green beans, rice and salt together. Go around the house 


To place the arrangement at the center of the living room 

1 pineapple
5 oranges
1 Huat Kuey
1 red Ang Bao with 8 x $1 coins
A box of green bean with cotton wool (pour some water in it)

If you require joss sticks:
3 set of tea leaves
3 x joss sticks

At each corner of the house, place a red Ang Bao with 8 x $1 coins and 2 oranges

Please refer to your own floor plan to see where are the 4 corners. Do not blindly copy.

For ours, the 2 corners lies in the master bedroom, another 2 corners is in the living room (1 behind the door near the DB box, another one near the living room window


Place these in the kitchen near the gas outlet

1 pineapple
2 oranges
3 set of tea leaves
1 pack of ang bao 


After the ritual, you can check the house for defects.
HDB allow owner to report any defects to Building service center anytime before start of renovation/ floor screeding.

You can bring the oranges in the living room back. Leave the pineapple and the rest in the house 
(Do not bring back the oranges at the 4 corners too). You can clear up everything after 3 days. Use the money in the red packets to buy sweet things.

Total Logistics:

2 pineapples
1 packet of uncooked glutinous rice/ rice
1 packet of salt
1 box of Tea leaves (Tie Kuan Ying) 
1 packet of green beans
1 huat kuey (brown, yellow or orange)
6 red packets with 8 one dollar coins in each red packet (total 48 one dollar coins)
15 oranges
1 box with cotton wool (For the planting of green beans)
Bring 1 or 2 containers for mixing of green beans, rice..etc
Water Bottle
Door stopper

Good luck everybody!!

Hope you find this useful

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