Wednesday, 23 September 2015

ITALY - See, Look, Shop, Experience


Where we Stay:

Hotel Marte

Where to See: 

Burano: An island of Venetian lagoon which is well known for its colourful houses and lacemaking tradition. We took a 40 mins water bus ride from Ferrovia station to Burano.

Essi Biscotti


Lace and Mask

Murano: Another popular island northern of Venetian lagoon which is famous for its glass making. Hop on the vaporetto after exploring Burano. Murano is just the next stop after Burano.

Vaporetto tickets: Water bus tickets can be purchased conveniently at the tourist information office, ticket-vending machine, or at a ticket office. All these ticketing counters are located right outside Venezia Santa Lucia railway station. You can choose to buy single way ticket or 12-hours to 7days validity tickets. We purchased the 12-hours ticket which cost 12 Euro each to explore Burano and Murano.

Visit Venice and get lost in the city of dreams.


Where we Stay:

Albergo Bencidormi

Where to Eat:

Mercato Centrale


Bistrot La Capannina

Where to Shop
1.  The Mall: A popular luxury shopping outlet mall in Tuscany. We travelled to The Mall via the
     public transport. We arrived early to purchase the bus tickets from the bus station ticket office, and      joined the bus queue which goes to The Mall. The queue starts from a pillar with a poster of The        Mall.

2.  Prada Outlet Space:

Where to See


Where we Stay:

B & B Bless & B

Where to Eat:

1. Regoli Pasticceria

2. Pizzarium

3. Pompi: Best tiramisu in Rome

Where to See

1. Colosseum
2. Roman Forum
3. Santa Maria Basilica
4. Lardo di Torre Argentina
5. Pantheon Rome
6. Mercato di Campo de Fiori
7. St Angelo Bridge
8. St Peter's Basilica
9. Spanish Steps
10. Trevi Fountain
11. Cripta Capuccini

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