Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Platypus Kitchen

Located in Bugis Junction, Platypus Kitchen served casual Italian and american cuisine range from  handmade pastas, luxurious risottos to Italian and Mediterranean inspired dishes. They are famous for their Lobster Rolls.

Located at level 3, this restaurant is not hard to spot

Spoiled of choices to choose.. hmm what should i order???

Dinner Set with either 2- courses or 3 courses meal. Quite a catch consider the price. You get to choose one main course and a starter or desserts if you are having the 2 courses. I end up choosing 2 course meal. Hahaha, don't be so greedy...

The Tradition Lobster Roll ($23.90) - Abit expensive if you ask me, but that what you got to pay for lobster meat!! Hahaha. Quite a simple dish to whipped up, toasted bun filled with butter-poached lobster meat mixed in roasted-garlic mayonnaise. Mouth watering and i really love it!! The lobster meat is chunky and delicious. I think i can eat the filling instead of the bun. hahaha!!!!! Fries and salad are freshly made too.  

Squid Ink Risotto with baby scallops and tomatoes - Delicious risotto cooked, chef must be very skillful with this dish since it is hard to master this dish.  

Sea Salt Caramel - taste like cheese cake to me, sea salts and popping candy are sprinkled on top of the cake, giving out the popping sensation in your mouth. Not really fascinated by it maybe because my generation used to eat popping candy when i was young as it was sold cheaply, hence overall impression not that great.

Opening hours: 12:00 - 22:00

Verdict: 4 /5

Posh looking food which come with an affordable price considering that such Mediterranean food will cost alot more expensive if you are dining in a posh restaurant. Great service and attentive staffs.

If given a chance, i will be back to try more of their food.

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