Sunday, 15 September 2013

Kway Teow / Kway Chap - 海兴粿条仔 (Johor baru)

 Kway Teow/ Kway Chap 海兴粿条仔 

Food are cooked by the boss who master the skills and techniques to deliver great taste of the food

The famous Kway Teow already prepared in the bowl. The kway teow is a noodle dish and is very popular in Singapore and Malaysia. This kway teow is very unique as the width of the noodle is sleeker compare to the normal size kway teow that are available in Singapore. You can only in it in Malaysia. 

I must really recommend this Kway Teow noodle soup. It is really tasty. The Kway Teow texture is smooth and soft. The cooking timing is perfect! The Kway Teow does not break off easily show that it is not over cooked and the soft texture when you eat it is simply heavenly. The soup base is special too, perfect bland with the Kway Teow. Not sure how did the soup base is prepared, but definitely there are taste of pork, together with spring onions, make one drool at this dish alone. Per bowl of Kway Teow Sell at RM 2. Really worth it.

Braised eggs and Fish cakes. The braised egg is ok, fish cakes are chewy and spongy.Very nice. 

Salted Vegetables. Salty yet sweet. Nothing to complain about

Braised Duck!! Soft and tender meat. Go well together with the braised sauce.  

Pork meat - Slice thinly, fats really melt in your mouth. The meat is lightly flavoured. 

Ngo Hiang. It is a composition of various meats and vegetables and other ingredients, such as a sausage-esque roll consisting of minced pork and prawn, seasoned with five-spice powder. It is served with chili sauce. The Ngo Hiang taste crispy after deep fried and the filling is soft when chewed. Very fragrant. Dip in chili sauce to taste the Ngo Hiang at a different level. A must order dish.  

Fried beancurd is another must order dish. The beancurd is firm on the outside and soft in the inside. It does not break off easily if you try to pick up a slice to eat. 

Pig intestine, a dish i strongly recommend all to try, if you really like to eat this part. It is really wonderful. The intestines are prepared with hardwork and passion. For general knowledge, the pig intestine is very difficult to clean, one will have to keep flipping in and out of the intestine in order to clean it properly. If not, it will have an awful taste that left in your mouth after eating. But, this dish serve us with great excitement and heavenly taste. The intestine is lightly flavoured, if you eat before, you know that the intestines are braised with herbs heavily to cover the awful taste. But the intestine served are not, lightly peppered and flavoured, it does not leave any awful taste after you chew. You get to taste the pig intestine!! Very hard to find such handiwork nowadays. Really a must order. 

A table full of delicacy. Really a wonderful meal.

Verdict: 5 /5 FULL SCORE!!!!!!!!

  • Taste(5)
  • Environment(5)
  • Service(5)
  • Clean(5)

  • Price(5)

Food are served with hardwork and passion when prepared. Staffs are attentive and nice. Food are served fast. No complains. Plus, it is really cheap.

Price: RM 15 / person

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