Sunday, 26 May 2013

Eng Seng Restaurant - Seafood (Famous Black Pepper Crab)

Eng Seng Restaurant

I am introducing this restaurant in the coffee shop although i do heard that the review on their service was very bad. The food is nice especially for the crab. Don't waste your time on other seafood restaurants because they are selling very commercialize seafood. The service provided by this restaurant is very basic. They open at 4.30pm till around 9pm. It is recommended that you go there for dinner early because this is exactly what i do to prevent overcrowding and long waiting time.

Here is what i had ordered, Mee Goreng. For the benefit of those who do not know this dish, it is a malay fried noodle with chili sauce. This is really a must try dish. The noodles taste yummy. The noodles is moist and it is not very spicy, suitable to those who afraid spicy stuffs. The ingredients include seafood like  prawns, and some tomatoes and vegetables. This dish cost $8 for medium size. Other dishes which i had ordered include stir fry Nai Bai and salad "You tiao". Each dish cost $8 too for medium size.

Mee Goreng

Nai Bai (vegetables)

salad "You Tiao" aka Yu Char Kway

Now our main cast, Black Pepper Crab!!!! This dish is really super good. Do not look down on those black sauce, it is exactly that very sauce that make this dish tastes so good. The black sauce is abit sweet and it is  mixed with black pepper to give both peppery and yet sweet mixture of taste. It is so tasty that i keep dipping the meat into the sauce to taste how good the combination is. The crabs are also cook to the right moment, the meat is tender and fresh. You will not find the meat being stick to the shell which some of the major seafood restaurant serve. The meat can be easily pull out from the shell. The owner also specially hire 1-2 workers just to smash the shell so that the customers can enjoy eating this dish without the hassle to keep cracking the shell themselves. The crab cost $50 per 1kg. This dish cost me around $38.

Verdict: 4.5 / 5

  • Taste(5)
  • Environment(5)
  • Service(4)
  • Clean(4)

  • Price(4)

This is my preferred place for Black pepper crab. Highly Recommended for those that like Black Pepper crabs.

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